Otter Creek Windmill Restoration

Restoring Windmills

If you have a windmill you would like to have restored we can accommodate you - from replacement of parts to a complete rebuild. Otter Creek Windmill Restoration offers rebuilt vintage windmills of various brands (as available). If you are looking for a particular mill, we will try to help locate it.

What We Do

Now after all that -------- we are ready to turn her loose to the wind. IT’S AMAZING !!


Ode to the Windmill

There's a rusty old windmill
Out standing on the plain
The only salvation to the land
Where there was little rain.
Pumping up life-saving water
From a fan ruggedly finned
With gears and rods working
They faced the blowing winds.
They had names like Eclipses
Dempsters and Aermoters
Some were wood, most were steel
But all had wind-driven rotors.
No, it wasn't the six-shooter
That tamed the wild west
But the lonely old windmill
That served the farmer-rancher best.

Call (740) 892-2637 (evenings) or (740) 334-3566 (anytime) to schedule your free consultation. Otter Creek Windmill Restoration - an experience of the past!